I have been making a concerted effort to run/jog (ok, walk really fast?) at least three miles a day.  So far so good, but it's interesting the people you meet along the way. What I have noticed, for instance, is that most women won't make eye contact as I pass them. Men are typically gentlemen and usually step into the bicycle lane on the side of the street. They won't "stare" but will acknowledge my presence with a friendly nod if I make eye contact.

Now the elderly? I'm talking 80+ years of age with walkers, black socks with open-toe sandals, and clothes that look like pajamas...the whole nine yards. One word here: Indignant. And they will have absolutely no qualms in letting you know about it:

Indignant Elderly Person: My dog is 13 years old!!

Me: (caught off-guard, but stops anyway) Wow, great!!

Indignant Elderly Person: *stares

Me: Um...so does he have a name? (gesticulating enthusiasm)

Indignant Elderly Person: *narrows eyes and glares

Me: (pauses) Well...is he a *nice* dog??

Indignant Elderly Person: I have been married for 57 years!!!

Me: (thinking, thinking) So...where did the two of you meet?

Indignant Elderly Person: *leans towards me, mumbling incoherently

Me: (looks around nervously) My favorite color is red.

Indignant Elderly Person's gaze never wanes as I tip-toe past her, readying myself for a possible cane to the shin. I continued to jog for another 1/2 block humming the theme song to Rocky before turning around. And yes, she was shaking her fist in my direction.