Stick figures crossing Abbey Road
This is what happens when you come down with a nasty bug and lose internet connection for a few days. Actually, this has been a random work-in-progress for a while now, and I finally had a reason to put it all together.

I've dabbled some in novice machinima as a hobby, but I've never created animation on a frame-by-frame basis -- and this video will make that fact glaringly obvious. Not as easy as it would seem given it's a simple stick figure, but hopefully I've at least gotten better at photo manipulation and video editing while learning the animation process.

Since I always seem to have some sort of creative undertaking in the works -- be it painting/drawing, digital art, or video editing -- I hope to do more of these in the future. This website has proven to be a convenient dustpan to centrally collect projects and images that otherwise would have been misplaced, inadvertently discarded, or lost from an unrecoverable hard drive crash without back-ups.

The video is about a stick figure that ventures into and through the images found in file manager and writes a short story about it via a quasi-historical timeline (not the point of the video, it just sorta happened, so I added in a few things and went with it). Many of the photographic images used are some of my favorites that I have collected over time; they can be seen in a slide show created here.