I enjoy hiking. Growing up in Chicago and then spending a few years in Boston, I never had much of an opportunity to appreciate this activity until I moved to Seattle. Out here, everyone drinks coffee, complains about the weather, and hikes. Pretty much in that order.

My friend Don is an avid hiker, and when the opportunity presents itself, we will hit the trails. Now Don is an interesting person. During the day he acts as the VP of Finance to a large corporation tossing around financial derivatives like they were frou-frou drink umbrellas; after-hours, you can find him riding his Harley or moonlighting as a drummer in his Rock 'n Roll band for fun. He is also the kind of guy that thinks 5 minutes from the present, always prepared and not much will catch him off-guard. Until...

We were near the end of an 8-mile hike. Ahead of us we see a couple of guys in their late teens on mountain bikes. The following is an image of the one we will be discussing (that is him waving without a care in the world, by the way):


Between us is a small, but rickety, wooden bridge:

We pause off to the side of the path as we wait for them to cross. And then it happened. This is what I imagine would have been the perspective as he and his bike get "stuck" half way across:

He knows he has an audience as we watch him struggle with this current predicament and probably by his standards, was looking "uncool". In his haste to remedy the situation, his advanced trouble-shooting skills kick-in and with one swift, forceful, and determined motion, this is what we see:


All I could think was...well this certainly gives new *and* literal meaning to a "bike rack". Ouch. Outside of being a tad winded (wink), no one was hurt. But for me, it was a moderately awkward to watch. Seeing as how this is a "guy" thing and not sure how to respond, I glance over at Don to see his reaction. Head tilted slightly, he remained speechless for a bit longer than I would have thought as he mentally absorbed the scene unfolding in front of us.    

Still dazed, it was almost as though he was talking to himself when he finally said, "I didn't see that coming."

Who would have?