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Negotiating with a Terrorist.

Posted by Trixie on Monday, December 14, 2009, In : Misc. Ramblings 

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It Doesn't Taste Like Chicken.

Posted by Trixie on Friday, December 11, 2009, In : kvetch 
Annie's Goddess Dressing
Some things I hate to love. Annie's Goddess Dressing is one such example. For me, it tastes like a mix of Thousand Island, Italian Dressing, and anchovies. Sounds disgusting, yes? On one level, it is. On another, I simply can't get enough of it.

Officially, here is what it is made of:

Ingredients*: Soy Oil, Water, Sour Cream (milk, cream, cornstarch, skim milk powder, cultures), White Wine Vinegar, Sea Salt, Sugar, Whole Egg Powder, Garlic, Onion, Lemon Juice, Tarragon, Xanthan Gum, Green Onion...

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The Origin of the Mexican Standoff

Posted by Trixie on Thursday, December 3, 2009, In : Life 
Mexican Standoff
My friend is going through a divorce. It's not fun, and I don't need to tell you why. However, there are certain aspects of the divorce process that are so absurd and downright comical that it requires safekeeping for posterity sake. This is one such example:

The names have been changed to protect the "incensed" and not necessarily the innocent. As such, I will refer to said in-process divorced couple as SheSaid and HeSaid, only because Thing 1 and Thing 2 have already been taken and I don't ...

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